The Energy Savings Scheme is a NSW-based energy efficiency scheme which commenced on 1 July 2009. The objectives of the Energy Savings Scheme are:

  • to assist households and businesses to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs;
  • to complement any national scheme for carbon pollution reduction by making the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions achievable at a lower cost; and
  • to reduce the cost of, and the need for, additional energy generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

The Energy Savings Scheme is designed to increase opportunities to improve energy efficiency by placing obligations on parties to undertake or pay for energy efficiency programs, and rewarding companies that undertake eligible projects that either reduce electricity consumption or improve the efficiency of electricity use. It was developed as a complementary but independent measure to the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

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How can Trade In Green Help?

Trade In Green is an accredited ACP under the scheme. We are accredited to create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) from commercial lighting activities which include the removal of inefficient lighting and installation of energy efficient lighting. If you have a lighting upgrade at your commercial property (or you are a lighting supplier/electrician with lighting projects) contact us on 1300 894 799 and we can assist with the project and the creation of ESCs and payment for the ESCs.