Unregistered  (excl GST)


Registered (excl GST)













Prices effective from 18th November 2019 (12pm EDT)


Solar Installers / Suppliers are paid on 3 business day terms with option for 10 & 20 business day terms for bonus rate. (Refer Settlement Terms for payment dates).

**Please note for Commercial PV systems standard payment terms may be extended to Pay on Approval (POA) due to the audit timeframes required by the CER in which case the Best Price STC will be paid (see below).


Trade In Green offer the most competitive pricing and payment terms in the market. Our spot price stated above is for standard 3 Business Day payment terms (installers/suppliers/retailers only), however we also offer bonus and best pricing options on 10 and 20 business day terms. Contact us for a quote. 

PRICE LOCK IN (Unregistered STCs)

If you don't want to take a risk with the spot trading price, why not lock in a forward STC price so you know what you are going to get paid. Right now you can secure a price for up to 9 months. You don't need to lock in all your STCs, you can just decide on volume and period and we can give you a price. Form more information go to the following link or contact us on 1300 894 799.

Clearing House (Unregistered STCs)

Not happy with the current STC price and want to wait until the price improves. You have the option to place your STCs in the Clearing House. For more information please refer to the following link.


Got registered certificates to sell? (we pay next business day)

We buy registered STCs (including STCs in the clearing house), VEECs and ESCs. Price may vary based on volume of certificates sold. Payment terms are next business day for registered STCs, VEECs and ESCs. Registered means certificates which are registered and owned by another party under their registry account (other than Trade In Green) on the relevant registry (REC, VEET or GGAS Registry). Contact our friendly staff for a price on 1300 894 799

Selling and Transfering Registered Certificates

Selling registered certificates is easy and quick. Just download and follow the relevant guide below. Payment is next business day:

  1. STC/LGC Transfer Process
  2. VEEC Transfer Process

GST on Certificates

Please note where products are installed at an individual’s address (householder) generally GST is not applied to the certificates (GST Free). Please refer to the GST Explained link below.

If you are selling registered certificates, GST only applies if the seller is registered for GST. Trade In Green do not offer tax advice on GST and we recommend you contact your tax professional for advice.

GST Explained

Terms and Conditions

STC/VEEC Terms & Conditions Download

ESC Terms & Conditions Download